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Logistics Equipment

Dual Pallet - Cargo Box

Dimensions: 10'2"H X 5'4"W X 5'8"D

Empty Weight: 4300 lbs.
Max Gross Weight: 17,200 lbs.

Maximum Gross Weight: 17,200 lbs.
Designed with 2.5 to 1 Safety Factor
Large Easy Open Door
Lockable Door Latch
Internal Door Latch
2-4" Forklift Slots
Internal Cargo Tie Downs to Secure Box During Transportation
Drilled Padeyes
Galvanized Coating
Removable Shelf
4 - Leg Sling with Stinger

Common Uses:
• Transport contain and lift pallet material
• Transport contain and lift bulk sack material
• Transport miscellaneous items such as office equipment and computers