Magnum Mud Equipment Co., Inc. operates two full service locations. Our corporate office is located in Houma, Louisiana, and our other location is in Jennings, Louisiana. These locations take care of all the fabrication, sandblasting, painting, mechanical work, and many other maintenance procedures necessary for providing problem-free equipment. We have certified welders that can custom fabricate equipment for special projects.

In an effort to curtail costs of our customers, MMECO currently operates ten waterfront stock points along the Louisiana-Texas Coast. These stock points are located in Venice, Fourchon, Morgan City, Intracoastal City, and Cameron, Louisiana, and Galveston, Texas. The satellite locations stock primarily 25bbl. IM 101 tanks, 25bbl. Marine Portable tanks, 25bbl. Cuttings Boxes, 15bbl. D.O.T. Spec. 57 tanks, Pallet-Cargo Boxes, and offshore tool baskets. By having this equipment dockside, it greatly reduces transportation costs and expedites the movement of these tanks to where they are needed for our customers.

Ordering equipment is easy. To order equipment from Morgan City east including the Mississippi-Alabama Gulf Coast, contact our Houma office at 985-872-1755 or 1-800-230-8265. To order equipment from Intracoastal City, Louisiana west, including the Texas Gulf Coast, contact our Jennings office at 337-824-8890 or 1-800-200-8265. We will contact the dock with the information they need to have the equipment ready to load on your truck or boat.

MMECO is quite flexible and willing to provide other services if given the opportunity. The following information provides a few of the services MMECO offers to its customers:

• Twenty-four hour service 365 days a year.

• Competitive Pricing
     a) Special pricing or long term pricing for extended projects.

• D.O.T. and U.S.C.G. certification with maintenance of all tank testing documentation and scheduled inspections.

• All equipment complies with proper MMS markings and stenciling.

• Utmost care and quality control procedures taken at every stock point.

• Modern cleaning facilities at main locations in Houma and Jennings, LA.

• Experienced staff with excellent technical support.
     a) Seventy-five years operational and sales experience.
     b) Four sales offices (New Orleans, Lafayette, Houston, and Freeport) to maintain expedient account management.

• An experience quality and control department which monitors test data for all MMECO owned tanks and slings.

• If necessary, most repair of rental equipment can be done on site.

• MMECO accepts Visa/Mastercard for invoice payments if needed.

• MMECO is EDI capable should customers require electronic invoicing.

• Specific proof of insurance is available.

• MMECO has the availability to modify specialty tanks to meet the needs and requirements of its customers and their various projects.

• Open to opportunities for fabrication of specialty tanks.

• Maintenance Technicians in Eastern and Western areas of the Gulf Coast to maintain a high level of  equipment quality at all MMECO water front stock points.

• Largest and most diversified supplier of D.O.T. and U.S. Coast Guard certified tanks on the Gulf Coast.

• Full time Material Coordinators in Venice, Fourchon and Cameron, LA to maintain and deliver equipment in their respective areas.

Should there be any questions concerning pricing, technical and/or operational information, please feel free to call Ronnie Malbrough in Houma at 1-800-230-8265 or 1-985-872-1755 and/or Clavin Royer Jr. in Jennings at 1-800-200-8265 or 1-337-824-8890.


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