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Quality Control   
Our image to customers is one of our most valuable assets. The management of Magnum Mud Equipment Company is where the commitment of quality control begins and the condition of our equipment illustrates it.

In order to keep our vast inventory of equipment maintained from corrosion and insure that it is cosmetically attractive, MMECO runs two full service blast and paint yards. At these same yards, we employ quality welders capable of repairing equipment on the spot to expedite its way back into the field. After completing any repairs needed and blasting and painting, our experienced service technicians take over and apply all needed markings, stickers, gaskets, safety features, and tested pop off valves.

In order to insure that our customers get the equipment that meets all D.O.T. & U.S.C.G. testing requirements, we maintain documentation showing test dates on every tank and sling that requires periodic testing. Three months before testing is due, a memo is sent to all field personnel and dispatchers to watch out for those pieces of equipment so the appropriate testing can be done. If a tank goes out of compliance while on a job, we will send notification to the rig so the tank can be replaced at the customers convenience.

MMECO employs five service technicians and supplies them with trucks and tools that enable them to do most service work to our equipment while in the field. They are also equipped with air compressors used to air test equipment while still at the shorebase.

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