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Certified Transport Tanks  

25 BBL IMDG Stainless Steel Tank:

Magnum Mud Equipment Co. recognizes the need in our industry for specialized tanks to transport specialized products. Our new 25bbl. Stainless Steel IMDG Tanks offer many benefits for transportation of expensive specialty fluids or hazardous products that require the safety features of IMDG tanks. These tanks have many safety features built into the design such as Internal Valve with both remote closure and fusible link, should a fire occur. The grated work area and fall arrest anchor device work together to supply a safe area for workers when filling or rigging the tank. Lastly, these tanks have no internal liners to worry about. Give us a call so we can answer any questions that may arise concerning our new 25bbl. IMDG Stainless Steel Tanks.

IMDG (T11) - DNV 2.7.1
Dim - 66L X 66W X 86H
Empty Weight - 4,190 lbs.
Max. Gross Weight - 26,000 lbs.
M.A.W.P. 58 psi
Internal Valve w/Remote Closure and Fusible Link
3/4 Fluid Sample Valve
Ground Wire Lug
Air Circulation Line
Level Indicator DipStick
Camlock Fittings
DNV Approved 4-Point Lift
Grated Work Area
Fall Arrest Anchor Device