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Certified Transport Tanks  

15bbl. DNV/IBC Waste Disposal Container

Carries the Intermediate Bulk Container "IBC" classification.
Recognized in both IMDG Code Volume I, Chapter 6.5 and in the United States Department of Transportation in 49 CFR Section 178.700.
Used for transporting waste from production vessel cleanouts.
Fitted with a smaller and lighter lid than conventional cuttings boxes. makinq it safer for personel to use
Internationally recognized designation
The IBC Specification Mark for this new container is UN 31A/Y/06-18/USAIM5281/14696/8165

8'0"L x 5'7"W x 4'2"H
capacity 630 Gallons
Tare Weight 5.400 lbs
Payload 12,600 lbs.
Maximum Gross Weight 18,000 lbs.